Increase response rates to your customer feedback surveys

Soliciting customer feedback can be a very valuable exercise for any business, but how do you ensure you are collecting accurate and representative data? If not incentivised, customers might only be motivated to answer a survey when they are dissatisfied and have an axe to grind, while customers with a neutral or positive stance may not even bother.

By offering incentives, you can show your customers that you value their time and input, collect more accurate and representative data, and create a positive brand interaction.


With no administration fees and very minimal effort, you can add incentives to your customer survey program in a cost-effective manner.

Flexible Amounts

Unlike gift cards, you are not restricted to a minimum of $5. RewardSender allows payment of rewards from 10¢ and up, in any increment of 10¢. This allows you to fine-tune the incentive amount commensurate with the length of the survey or the effort required to answer it.

Simple Redemption

Your customers do not need to create an account to redeem their rewards. Once they accumulate enough funds, rewards can be redeemed with a few clicks.

Give your customers the gift of choice

When your customers are ready to redeem their rewards, they can choose which gift card they want, and there's something to suit nearly everyone.

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