Enjoy massive savings while issuing cash-equivalent rewards to your customers via email!

RewardSender makes it simple to send cash-equivalent rewards to your customers' email.

  • Boost sales by offering cashback with purchase, from 10¢ to $1,000
  • Encourage sign-ups and registrations using micro-incentives
  • Increase response rates to your customer feedback surveys
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with rewards

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RewardSender is cheaper than running your own rewards program, and is fast and simple to use.

  • No setup fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No service fees
  • Only pay for rewards as you go
  • Receive free bonus credit up to 35% and enjoy big savings on the cost of your rewards program
  • Replaces any existing rewards program you might be running

What is RewardSender?

A simple, cost-effective and hassle free method to issue rewards to any email address.

On-demand rewards - issue rewards only when you have the need, and at other times there's nothing for you to pay or do.

Easily send your branded cash-equivalent reward or incentive via email in an instant.

Rewards and incentives as low as 10 cents per recipient, and any value up to $1,000 in cent increments.

Rewards recipients do not need to register or sign up.

Recipients can instantly redeem their rewards at a wide range of popular retailers.

Cut the cost of your rewards program

Rewards per person, per month Bonus
$0.10 ~ $0.30 35% bonus credit
$0.40 ~ $1.00 20% bonus credit
$1.10 ~ $2.00 10% bonus credit
$2.10 ~ $4.90 5% bonus credit

For example, if you sent $0.20 rewards to 5,000 people in one month, it would cost you $1,000. However, you would qualify for a 35% bonus and receive an additional $350 credit at the end of the month. You pay only $1,000, but you can send a total of $1,350 of rewards.

How could my business use RewardSender?

Add a $1 incentive to your customer feedback survey

  1. Register on SurveyMonkey and design your feedback survey free of charge (or use any other survey platform);
  2. Announce to customers that when they complete the survey, they receive a $1 reward;
  3. Collect respondents' email addresses as part of the survey;
  4. Upload the email addresses to RewardSender and send the rewards to participants in an instant.

Incentivise newsletter subscriptions with a 50¢ reward

  1. Add a promotion on your website offering a 50¢ reward to all newsletter subscribers;
  2. On a regular basis, upload the email addresses of those who signed up for newsletter to RewardSender and deliver their reward;
  3. Each subscriber will receive 50¢ in value, and you'll only pay 42¢ per subscriber;
  4. Promote your business to your new subscribers via your newsletter!

RewardSender is a simple, no-fuss and low cost bolt-on rewards program to increase sales, drive registrations, or boost response rates!

How do recipients redeem their rewards?

RewardSender is powered by RewardsWallet

  • RewardsWallet allows consumers to receive and combine different rewards into one single balance, so they can redeem sooner and get better value.
  • No registration or password required. No app to install. The email address is the wallet.
  • Once a recipient has enough rewards, they can redeem in an instant via GiftPay, our digital gift card solution.
  • GiftPay allows recipients to easily spend their rewards at a variety of popular retailers. Learn more about GiftPay...

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