How much does it cost to apply for a business account?

There is no cost to sign up for an account, and you can send rewards with no delivery fees or charges. Of course, you will need to pay for the cost of any rewards you send.

If the service is free, how does RewardSender make a profit?

Redemption of rewards is enabled via GiftPay, another product from Unified Incentives. GiftPay negotiates volume discounts with the gift card merchants, and this small discount on the cost of the gift cards allows us to offer this service to you for free. We also offer optional upgrades such as custom branding, custom integration, and priority support as premium paid upgrades. Contact us to discuss pricing for these premium add-ons.

My business already has a rewards program, why would I use RewardSender?

RewardSender is a tool specifically designed for businesses without an existing rewards program. RewardSender makes it easy for these businesses to add rewards to any business process without the hassle of a full-blown rewards system.

If your business already has a rewards program, then RewardSender is probably not suitable for your needs. If you would instead like to reduce the costs and hassle of redemptions from your rewards program, you might like to consider one of our other products GiftPay.

Why does RewardSender charge based on rewards sent, not rewards redeemed?

Because RewardSender aggregates rewards from many different businesses into each user's wallet, when each user redeems it would be impossible to correctly apportion rewards to each client and charge at the time of redemption. For this reason, RewardSender must charge based on rewards sent.

If your business wishes to only pay for rewards at the time of redemption, you would need to consider setting up your own rewards program. Of course, this typically involves expensive custom website or software development, plus ongoing program management costs.

RewardSender removes this hassle of setting up a custom rewards program, allowing businesses like yours to only pay the face value of rewards sent. It's simple and cost-effective, and generally costs far less than the total cost of setting up and managing a custom rewards solution.

How soon can I start sending rewards?

Please allow up to 2 working days for RewardSender to check your account and approve your initial payment. If you have a need to deliver rewards urgently, please contact us.

Do you offer discounts for higher volumes?

Yes, if your reward volume is likely to exceed $5,000 then please contact us to discuss the bonus rewards credit that might be available to you.

What payment terms do you offer? Can I send rewards now and pay later?

Unfortunately RewardSender is unable to offer payment terms. All rewards must be paid for in advance.

If I deposit funds to RewardSender and then later change my mind, can I get a refund?

Yes, any unused funds you deposited in your RewardSender account are refundable. Please contact us to arrange a refund.

Please note however that any bonus credit or rebate we offer to you is non-refundable.

Do the funds I have paid into my RewardSender account ever expire?

No, funds you have paid into your RewardSender account will never expire.

How are rewards delivered?

Your rewards are allocated to each recipient's email address the moment you press Send, plus a notification email is sent to notify the recipient of their reward. Each recipient will be able to open and view their reward on almost any device or platform as long as they have email and internet access. The RewardSender platform is compatible with almost all desktop or laptop computers running a modern web browser, and all recent smartphones and tablets.

Is there a way to use RewardSender without divulging the email addresses of my customers?

RewardSender has a strict privacy policy in place, and we can assure you we do not use the email addresses of your customers for any other purposes.

However, we do understand that you may wish to take extra precautions regarding your customers' information. Because RewardSender is built around email addresses, RewardSender may not be suitable for you, and you would need to consider building your own rewards program. However we do offer GiftPay solutions that allow you to manage the delivery of your customer's rewards redemptions very easily while maintaining customer privacy. Please contact GiftPay to discuss these solutions.

How does a reward recipient redeem their rewards?

The recipient must first accumulate at least $5 in value. As rewards can be earned and combined from many different sources, this is not hard to achieve. After they have accumulated at least $5, a rewards recipient can redeem their rewards almost immediately, with just a few clicks. The recipient will receive an eGift Card via email. The redemption is processed via GiftPay, also owned and operated by Unified Incentives. There is no registration required, and no apps to install. It's extremely simple and convenient.

What can I do if a recipient claims they never received their reward?

Even if a rewards recipient never receives the email, the reward has been allocated to their RewardsWallet. As long as the email address is a valid email, the recipient can view and redeem their rewards just by visiting www.rewardswallet.com.

What happens if I deliver the reward to the wrong email address?

RewardSender includes real-time reports that allow you to view and track any bounced or undeliverable email addresses. Once you become aware that the reward has been sent to an invalid email address, you can re-allocate the reward to the correct email address. Visit the Reports page, open the relevant delivery report, find the recipient, press Reallocate Reward, enter the new email address, and confirm.

Can I deliver rewards of different value within the same delivery batch?

Yes. You can prepare an excel file with recipient email addresses and differing reward values and then upload this file to RewardSender Express to process the rewards deliveries all at once. Instructions for how to achieve this are available once you login.

Is it possible to customise the branding of my rewards?

Yes, custom branding is available. RewardSender's design team can design and setup your custom branded rewards icon. Fees apply. Please contact RewardSender to arrange this.

What do my customers need in order to be able to receive and redeem their rewards?

The only universal requirements are that they have an email address and access to the internet. Our system work on almost any device or platform, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets such as the iPad.