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Free rewards program

You only pay for the rewards you send, no fees to pay. No commitment, and no obligations.

Is it really free?

Yes, there are no fees for the basic service, you only pay for the actual value of rewards. RewardSender negotiates volume discounts with the redemption gift card merchants, and this small discount on the cost of the gift cards allows us to offer this service to you for free.

5 minute setup

Just sign up for your free account and once you're approved, there's no more setup required. It's that easy!

Login to the RewardSender Express Delivery Portal

Pay as you go

There is no need to buy and store gift cards in advance. Only pay for the rewards and incentives you need to send now.

No expiry risk

Unlike buying gift cards yourself, there's no danger of gifts expiring in storage before you can deliver them.

Custom branding

Customise the design of your reward with your own branded rewards icon.

Send rewards to 1 or 1,000 recipients in just a few minutes

10 cents to $1,000

Choose any reward value, ranging from 10 cents to $1,000, in 10 cent increments.

Rewards message

Include a message to rewards recipients.

Bulk upload

Bulk upload rewards recipients' email addresses from an Excel file.

Recipients notified of their reward via email

Instant email delivery

Your rewards are allocated to each email address instantly, and then notification emails are delivered to thousands of recipients.

No sign up needed by recipients

Rewards recipients do not need a password. Secure authentication and access is handled with a simple email.

Easy redemption

Recipients can view, manage and redeem their rewards easily by visiting www.rewardswallet.com.

Simple and convenient redemption options for rewards recipients

Powered by GiftPay

Once rewards recipients have accumulated at least $5, they can redeem their rewards for a digital gift card, powered by GiftPay. Learn more about GiftPay...

Recipients choose

Recipients can then choose from a range of store gift cards and vouchers, including major retailers, entertainment venues, dining, online shopping, and more. View the full range...

Smartphone & tablet compatible

RewardsWallet and GiftPay work on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with internet access. Recipients can access their rewards anytime and anywhere they need to.

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