Boost sales by offering cashback with purchase, from 10¢ to $500.

Cashbacks are a proven technique to encourage sales while maintaining your current price point.


Simple hassle-free delivery of rewards/incentive payments via email.

Reduce Staff Time

No cheque printing, no postage or handling costs.

Micro Payments

Payments as low as 10¢, with no admin fees or other costs.

Brand Value

Protect your brand value, by not having to discount your headline prices.

Volume Rebates

Volume rebates available - something that's not possible with cheques, EFT or PayPal!

Simple Redemption

Your customers do not need to create an account to redeem their rewards. Once they accumulate enough funds, rewards can be redeemed with a few clicks.

Your own branded rewards currency

Reward payments are notified via email, and the email includes your custom rewards icon and message.

Give your customers the gift of choice

When your customers are ready to redeem their rewards, they can choose which gift card they want, and there's something to suit nearly everyone.

View all current gift cards

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